● Tools you need

Soldering iron

Soldering iron is the most basic and important tool for any works related to electronics. This tool is used to “solder” components into the PCB using solder wire and soldering paste for stability, picking A 25W (watts) soldering iron will be enough for general use because overheat may destroy components.

another one of the important tools one must have who works in electronics zone. This tool is used to measure voltages,resistances,amperes,continuity..etc, if you don’t know nothing about multimeters then you should first buy a cheap multimeter rather than buying an expensive one because improper usage will definitely fry them!

Desoldering pump(solder sucker)

this tool is used to “desolder” components that are already soldered to PCB,

Soldering iron stand
it is used to place “hot” soldering iron safely

Solder wire and paste
These elements are important for soldering


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