IR(infrared) transmitter tester(New version)

IR(infrared) transmitter tester V2.0
The first version of this circuit can find Here. This new version is perfect because it includes a buzzer to produce a “beep” sound and an LED flash when you point and press a Continue reading

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Automatic White LED Lamp

Automatic LED lamp

I assume that you are already familiar with automatic emergency lights or street lights that will automatically turn on when the sun sets and will turn off automatically when the sun rises,those circuits all work with a special kind of resistor called LDR(Light dependant resistor)

the LDR’s resistance will be changed according to the amount of light falls on it Continue reading

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New battery technology for 10x longer battery life!

New battery technology will allow for devices with 10x longer battery life

Do you think the 10-hour battery life on your iPad 2 is impressive? Imagine 100 hours of battery life, it may not be that far off. That’s what engineers at Northwestern University have technically accomplished with their new lithium-ion battery technology. By poking Continue reading

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Spy20 High Definition (HD) Spy Watch!

Spy20 High Definition (HD) Spy Watch!

Want to become a famous spy like some well known spies of the world ? Nah! Just kidding. I just want to review this Spy gadget called Spy20 which is a waterproof HD spy camera watch that features High Definition recording at Continue reading

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Finger Powered Mobile Phone Battery Charger!

Finger Powered Mobile Phone Battery Charger

A mobile battery that could be charged by spinning it around your fingers! (It reminds me of the time when i was having fun spinning my audio cassette tapes around my fingers trying to manually rewind it). This concept gadget was designed by Song Teaho & Hyejin Lee . The concept design promises quick charging in places where a wall socket is not available to charge your mobile phone. Based on the Continue reading

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A new earth like planet named kepler-22 found!

United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has discovered a new planet named Kepler-22b. People wonder if it will support human life or if it already has some kind of life on it? NASA’s new discovery is going to be a topic of discussion for a very long Continue reading

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Home made enclosures(cases)

you can make your own enclosures(case)for your projects

Have you ever thought of making enclosures(cases) yourselves for your finished (circuits) projects? I did! and finally i found a solution to make my own enclosures!, Continue reading

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