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This Blog Hasbeen Moved To New Address

Sorry but this blog has been moved to a new address, All contents in this blog might be moved to the new blog soon, you can visit the new blog here TAP HERE TO VISIT THE NEW BLOG Posted for … Continue reading

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A new earth like planet named kepler-22 found!

United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has discovered a new planet named Kepler-22b. People wonder if it will support human life or if it already has some kind of life on it? NASA’s new discovery is going to … Continue reading

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What is a transformer?

TRANSFORMERS A transformer also known as eliminator is a device that converts or Steps down[also steps up] a high voltage (eg.230V,120v) AC to a safe voltage like 12V,6V,3V etc,

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Smart cooling fan

This is an easy to build and smart cooling fan circuit, the smart means that this fan will start automatically when the temperature rises above a limited level, so to function this circuit properly place the NTC (thermister) near a … Continue reading

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