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Micro Fm transmitter

Micro FM Radio Transmitter As you already know, the fm radio transmitter may be used for many purposes like transmitting your pirate radio signals(also known as ‘ghost signals’ or ‘ghost waves’) throughout the air or for spying (eg.listening to one’s … Continue reading

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DIY Circuits:High brightness White LED Torch

White LED Torch Heya folks! Here is an easy to build LED TORCH circuit powered using a rechargeable 3.7V mobilephone battery, actually i am using this torch light for a longtime (see my Led torch here) so i thought posting … Continue reading

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Simplest FM Transmitter

Simplest Fm Transmitter! This is the simplest fm transmitter circuit you can ever find on internet,because so many “simple transmitters” (they call it simple but many of them don’t work!) on internet will not work as those circuits are designed … Continue reading

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IR(infrared) transmitter tester(New version)

IR(infrared) transmitter tester V2.0 The first version of this circuit can find Here. This new version is perfect because it includes a buzzer to produce a “beep” sound and an LED flash when you point and press a

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Automatic White LED Lamp

Automatic LED lamp I assume that you are already familiar with automatic emergency lights or street lights that will automatically turn on when the sun sets and will turn off automatically when the sun rises,those circuits all work with a … Continue reading

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