Disable Camera Red LED Light Of Nokia E72


Disable Camera Red LED Light Of Nokia E72

There are currently not any methods to disable the camera red LED of nokia E72 except this one that i discovered recently. i have had tried many rompatcher patches and other ways to disable the annoying red LED that turns on while you take a video or picture
on your nokia E72 mobile device which will easily notify people that you are taking photo or video, but nothing worked except this one that i found, this easy method can disable the red LED of your nokia E72 permanently

this is a hardware method, which means you have to unscrew your nokia E72,disassemble it,take out the flash LED and apply a tiny piece of insulator tape on one of it’s contacts to the circuit board, so you should be careful, don’t damage your phone’s display or break the display cable etc while you unscrew your phone and working on it



1.a screw driver that made specially to unscrew mobile devices

2.an insulator tape



1.take off the phone’s battery and battery cover

2.unscrew the 2 screws using the screw driver

3.now remove the front cover of your phone

4.unscrew the entire screws you see above and below the display and take the MAIN CIRCUIT BOARD off the inner case


5 now find the flash LED that is placed near the camera

6.take it out but becareful don’t break it, now get the insulator and cut a tiny piece from it using a scissor and apply it on the contact as shown in the pic

as you can see there are 6 contacts on the tiny flash LED pcb so apply the tape exactly as  shown in the image, the gold plated contact that passes power to the Red light is the one below on the left side of the pcb board. see the picture and make sure you do it carefully and don’t cover other contacts because it might disable the entire flash LED while taking photos and video. and no this method doesn’t disable the ‘flashing white light’, it will disable only the RED LIGHT if you have done it carefully.

TIP: if you ever want the red LED back, just remove the tape

and you are done! now there is no more that annoying red LED.

this method works successfully on the nokia E72 mobile phones and should work on other nokia phones too, so give it a try if your phone is having the red LED syndrome 😀

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