Micro Fm transmitter

Micro FM Radio Transmitter

As you already know, the fm radio transmitter may be used for many purposes like transmitting your pirate radio signals(also known as ‘ghost signals’ or ‘ghost waves’) throughout the air or for spying (eg.listening to one’s speech secretly). etc, but it’s illegal and maybe put you in prison for a long time! So i request you to not use this device against any person or for any kind of illegal activities, also building and using radio transmitters without a license is illegal in most countries because these unstable frequencies may confuse with fire,ambulance,police,aircraft frequencies. so use this circuit at your own risk! Moreover i don’t recommend you to build this transmitter and if you used this device for some good purposes, such as ‘transmitting music in your college or just to your backyard’ then i recommend you to use it but never use a long antenna to get more range as it may jam the “life” frequencies

This circuit requires SMD components to make it as small as possible, so you need to get some SMD components such as smd resistors,smdcapacitors..etc you may get all these from junk(eg.damaged circuit boards, but you must test them before soldering to the pcb) circuit boards if it’s not easy to get from electronics components selling stores. You may need micro soldering iron although i used an ordinary one to get it all soldered, but it was quite hard to solder the SMD components onto the PCB using an ordinary soldering iron.

The picture below shows some SMD resistors and how to calculate their values

SMD resistor table
Circuit diagram

Here is the circuit diagram of micro FM TRANSMITTER, just change every components in the circuit to SMD except the Transistor,coil, and two 15pf and 5pf ceramic capacitors. A tuning cap (variable capacitor) is not needed in the circuit, because you can replace it with a ’15pf’ ceramic capacitor, but if you want change the frequency of your transmitter, then gently spread the ‘spacing’ between the turns of coils.

SMD none polarity capacitor

T1 – s8050 NPN transistor

VC1 – use a ’15pf’ ceramic capacitor (not SMD)

L1 – coil, get a pen refill(must be 3mm diameter) and a short length(1mm thick) copper wire,wind exactly ‘6 turns’ over the refill and scrap its both ends with a blade. Done!

C3 – 5pf ceramic capacitor (printed exactly ‘5’ on it)

C4 – ceramic capacitor ‘104’ (printed just ‘104’)

C1 – use an SMD one (just an smd capacitor)

C2 – 22n Ceramic

R1 – 47k SMD resistor (printed ‘473’)

R2 – 100 ohm (printed ‘101’)

ANT – a short length wire

3V ~ 9V supply (use only battery)

here is the completed circuit which i made about 2 weeks ago. It has more than 1 km range with a long antenna and a 9V powersupply

Note: a mic may be added in the circuit to transmit your voice, but you have to modify the circuit for this purpose!


About Ztronn

hellooo i'm lsid ,i am a DIY (do it yourself) stuff loving kinda guy, i mean i love to build things and posting it on my blogs for the world to see. i love reading about technology and innovation. i love the nature,mysteries of space and of course God. no aliens. kindly let me know what you think about my simple innovations in the comments.
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7 Responses to Micro Fm transmitter

  1. shahzad says:

    can you send me this transmitter? i will paid for you for it .
    plz tell me , waiting your positive reply

  2. Daud Asi says:

    i have build the same but did not work

  3. jd says:

    I made one too it works sounds decent enough. I ran it off a car battery at. first I notices it gets pretty darn hot and i think.it was going further at first but few days later I ran it through a power supply electric from the wall the power supply is used for a VHF amplifier and when I tested distance I noticed it only went like thirty feet . and ifs running the s8050 it seems that the thing would only tune to the high upper end like 108 stations only. it sucked I was hoping it would of ran 1km what is wrong with it??

    • loneZid says:

      Hi, what voltage and current is your power source? I don’t recommend it using with a mains powersupply because it will cause unwanted hum..besides that you should have a long antenna to reach more far.. plus the radio receiver you use must be a good quality one..a good antenna is better than having a powerful RF amplifier

  4. tayo says:

    Please, tell me how to modify it to use mic

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