Unsolved Mysteries:BILL BEATTY’S HAUNTED

In 1923, a wealthy executive
named Bill Beaty, and his wife,
started building a seventeenth
century style Norman castle
on 150 acres of woodland in
Basking Ridge, New Jersey. In 1930, before construction was
complete, the Beatys moved
into the castle with their four
But Bill would never
see the completion of his
dream. Just one year later, he died of the flu at the age of 45.
His castle wasn’t finished for
another five years. Sarah Beaty never remarried.
She raised all four children in
the castle, and lived there until
1941. After that, the castle
served as a boy’s school for
several decades. In 1972, Don Burlingame and his wife,
Carol, bought the estate and
began to re-model: “Carol was really the first one
to feel some sort of presence,
and she had a friend that was
sort of amateur
parapsychologist, and she said,
‘There definitely is a presence here.’ And Carol said, ‘Well,
maybe we should try to get
rid of him. Shouldn’t we have
a séance?’ And she said, ‘No,
you better leave things
exactly the way they are. He’s friendly, he’s happy, let it go
at that.’” Residents claimed they heard strange noises After Don and Carol moved in,

Some say that Bill’s ghost haunts the castle

hammering noises echoed
through the hallways and
footsteps were heard going
up and down the stairs. Don
and Carol started to accept that they shared their home
with the ghost of Bill Beaty.
On one occasion, Bill
demonstrated just how much
he really cared about the
castle. According Carol, she and Don planned to go out for
a drive: “Don said, ‘You better close all
the windows, it’s supposed to
rain.” I said, ‘No, it’s not gonna
rain, don’t worry about it, I’m
leaving them all open.’ So I
left them open. We went out, and it rained. We came home,
and all of the casement
windows, which opened from
the inside, and opened to the
inside, were all closed and
latched. There wasn’t a drop of rain in the house.” Bill Beaty’s ghost also seemed
to have a sense of humor.
Carol said he liked to play
around with the TV signal: “You’d just get into a movie,
just the really interesting part,
and all of a sudden the station
would change. It would go
from two, to three, to four to
five, and it happened more than one time. I knew that
there was a presence here.
What I couldn’t figure out
was, when was he going to
leave? If in fact, was he ever
going to leave? It was something I couldn’t figure
out.” The Burlingames began to
look into the history of the

Bill Beatty

That’s how they found
Eugene Melville, who used to
work there: “I had told them what I’d
seen there, and they said
they’ve sensed something
themselves. But they never
saw him. I have only seen him
that once. I can truthfully say that was the only time I have
ever laid eyes on him, was
that once.” In 1934, three years after Bill
Beaty’s death, Eugene was
helping Sarah search for a
bracelet she had lost when the
figure of a man briefly
materialized on the balcony. Sarah cried out that it was Bill: “It was a figure of a man
standing there. It didn’t stay
long for me to examine it
very good. It was gone just
like that. It was scary. It
frightened the daylights out of me.

Residents claimed they heard strange noises
I just never wanted to
go on that balcony again. I
passed by it, but to get me in
there, to stand there, oh,
forget it. I wouldn’t go in
there.” According to Carol, Bill had
something of a throwing arm: “I was alone in the kitchen.
The bread was on the counter
and there was no way that it
could have fallen off by itself.
And when it did fall off, or fly
off, it went a considerable distance. So I know that
someone had to have moved
it. There was no one else there
with me at all. No animals,
Don wasn’t around, there was
no way the bread could have fallen off the counter, because
it was set square. And that led
me to believe that Bill had to
be there, saying, ‘Hi, I’m here.’
There was just no way that
that bread could have fallen off the counter by itself.” Don and Carol invited Dr.
Michaeleen Maher, a noted
parapsychologist, to visit the
castle. Mayer and her assistant
conducted a series of tests for
paranormal activity: “Our physical instruments
were not able to detect
anything unusual, but in this
particular case, the sheer
volume of the reports adds to
the credibility of the case. One of our witnesses in this case, a
particularly credible witness,
in fact, a professional person
of some stature, reported
seeing in the driveway, in
front of the castle, a person who dissipated right in front
of his eyes. I think the big
news here is that humans can
act as sensors and we find
that we cannot dismiss this
evidence as caused by coincidence.” Carol has concluded that the
key to living with ghosts is
acceptance: “If you can accept it, you can
enjoy it, and when things
happen you just write them
off as ‘Oh, it must be the
ghost,’ or ‘It must be Bill,’ if
you happen to know who it is.” Eugene Melville doesn’t think
Bill Beaty’s going anywhere
anytime soon: “I firmly believe he will never
leave the castle. The love of
the thing maybe got the
better of his soul. And I think
that’s the thing that has such
power, it’s the soul. It’s eternal.”


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