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Micro Fm transmitter

Micro FM Radio Transmitter As you already know, the fm radio transmitter may be used for many purposes like transmitting your pirate radio signals(also known as ‘ghost signals’ or ‘ghost waves’) throughout the air or for spying (eg.listening to one’s … Continue reading

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Unsolved Mysteries:BILL BEATTY’S HAUNTED MANSION! In 1923, a wealthy executive named Bill Beaty, and his wife, started building a seventeenth century style Norman castle on 150 acres of woodland in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. In 1930, before construction was complete, … Continue reading

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DIY Circuits:High brightness White LED Torch

White LED Torch Heya folks! Here is an easy to build LED TORCH circuit powered using a rechargeable 3.7V mobilephone battery, actually i am using this torch light for a longtime (see my Led torch here) so i thought posting … Continue reading

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