Unsolved Mysteries:The taos hum

The Taos Hum
Do you hear that strange hum that just will not go away? Chances are if you live in the Southwestern United States or parts of Britain you do. This is a phenomenon being called The Taos Hum. There are researchers who are doing their best to find out what is causing it. However, so far they have been having no luck. It seems that the Taos hum was first reported around the mid nineteen seventies. It seems that people started to take it very serious around the year 1990 when more and more newspapers started to pick up on it. No one is sure what causes it. Some people claim to hear it and other people never hear it. Many people have several theories including space ships, the crust of the planet and much more. Some citizens say it gets louder and some say it vanishes at times too. Will we ever know what is creating the Taos hum? This might be one of those mysteries that will always remain unsolved but, that does not mean that scientists and research teams will stop trying to figure out what is going on with this unique sound called the Taos hum. This sound is often heard in Taos Mexico and the surrounding areas. It seems to be a low pitched sound that is easy to hear in a natural and quite environment.

The mystery news regarding taos hum on a newspaper

There have been reports of the Taos hum in the USA, The UK and Europe. No one is sure if the sound is spreading or why some people hear it and others don’t. Many who have heard the sound describe it like the noise associated with thunder out in the distance or a running diesel engine. You might or might not hear it yourself but there are many people who are sure that it is there and will tell you they hear it. There are a many people who feel that the government has been lying to use about the Taos hum and that it is something our own government has been working on. Could this be a top secret government project? Perhaps it is a generator that is making this low frequency noise. Could this generator be keeping aliens alive or is it something else the government is keeping secret? Perhaps we will never know and that is why it includes in unsolved mysteries!


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