IR(infrared) transmitter tester(New version)

IR(infrared) transmitter tester V2.0
The first version of this circuit can find Here. This new version is perfect because it includes a buzzer to produce a “beep” sound and an LED flash when you point and press a switch of a good remote controller, This circuit is a universal IR RECIVER as it is not limited to work only with 38khz IR RAYS!.
Using a blue LED in this circuit will give you a visual excitement because i like blue LEDs. ,
i have not write anything about the working of this circuit, if you want to know how the circuit works, then you can leave a comment below.
Circuit diagram

My personal Tip:If you are not familiar with electronics or too lazy to build a circuit then there is an easy idea to test IR TRANSMITTERS,
get a digital camera(a mobilephone camera will also do the job) activate the cam and point/press your Infrared transmitter at the camera and look into the LCD, you can view a white light flashing in the screen if the IR transmitter is good! If not it’s time to buy/build a new transmitter or repair it if possible! ,


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hellooo i'm lsid ,i am a DIY (do it yourself) stuff loving kinda guy, i mean i love to build things and posting it on my blogs for the world to see. i love reading about technology and innovation. i love the nature,mysteries of space and of course God. no aliens. kindly let me know what you think about my simple innovations in the comments.
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