Home made enclosures(cases)

you can make your own enclosures(case)for your projects

Have you ever thought of making enclosures(cases) yourselves for your finished (circuits) projects? I did! and finally i found a solution to make my own enclosures!, there are some photos of the enclosures below which i made for my Fm transmitter and For a Remote control operated 220vAC switch! The fm transmitter uses only a mobilephone battery thus i designed it in such a way, and it has a little socket to recharge the battery directly from an ordinary cellphone charger! I was in such a big trouble to put all my circuits somewhere safe and also tried lots of other methods such as some old plastic enclosures and buying readymade enclosures from market which is quite expensive and will not get in proper size or cant attach parts on a very right place as there is no holes or cant make a hole..etc and those old plastic enclosures looked very very ugly and the problems when put all the parts in a little or too large enclosures made me think how to male my own enclosures?, so i just thought of this idea! Usually this aluminium sheet is used as an external covering for some doors. it’s easy to cut in our desired shape and the cutting could be done easily with some ordinary scissors! I used a chinese made scissors which i bought from market for a very cheap price and have uploaded its photo below, Besides that the sheet is not that expensive and is very useful for some circuits that doesn’t require a very strong enclosure, but this sheet is quite strong exactly after made the shape of the exact design! I used it and found a very good result! Moreover the enclosure doesn’t need any paintings as it looks very nice after i built it and you can make any kind of holes on it using a little and sharp spike or anything that is useful to do, i spent only a few of money only for sheet and some nuts and bolts! Very cheap than a ready made enclosure! Now i could make any kinds of cases for my projects! The reason of to post this topic here is i just wanted to inform you people who are having troubles with their circuits due to the lack of proper protection enclosures and give you a little help from those expensive cases! So if anyone of you want to try my way would be nice and be a virtual support for me (means i am not alone on this) lol please try it yourself too if you want, and also you may ask me to know more!

Some picturer of my home made enclosures

Cool! Isn’t it?

a view from side

outstanding and perfect!

The scissors that i used to cut the sheet!

do you know that i have not used any mechanical devices to make them! Except an iron rod with sharp edge to bend it at any shape! And some spikes to make holes!

I think it’s enough for me.

What’s in your mind about my home made enclosures? Post it below!


About Ztronn

hellooo i'm lsid ,i am a DIY (do it yourself) stuff loving kinda guy, i mean i love to build things and posting it on my blogs for the world to see. i love reading about technology and innovation. i love the nature,mysteries of space and of course God. no aliens. kindly let me know what you think about my simple innovations in the comments.
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