Home made LED torch

my first homemade torch!

Let me own the credits for a world’s first slimmest,rechargable,mobile battery operated high brightness LED torch maker!

Yes. Its true, i have bought lots of torches in the past year and got sick of their stupidity on making such a uselss and unreliable torch lights, and none of them would last more than 3 months because of the worst battery they use and the problems in recharge section!. When my last torch dead and i could’t go to out at night to see my friends i got this tiny idea in my mind, why can’t i make a torch light myself than buying those junk chinese torches?. I went to my experiment corner where all the parts and components are located.

I looked up all the available things i have got in my salvaged collection box and found a mobilephone battery and some white LEDs, i took them and thought ‘its ok, i got some leds and a battery, but how can i make an enclosure that fits for this project?” i again looked around for something using it i could make an enclosure (case) for my torch, and finally i found a kind of tiny metal sheet that used as an external tiny covering for some garbage doors!!. and i cut it using a big scissors, and yes, it is possible to cut the sheet using scissors because the sheet is not that thick but is powerfull enough for our DIY projects, and is very cheap!. Ok so i cut it using that scissors and bent it as the shape of a mobile battery. not whole sheet i cut. Because i still need some more space to put the internal circuit.. After the cutting process i got it in the size of total 1 and half of mobilephone battery, the project was still incomplete because it would not be possible to recharge the battery after the case is closed because if i want recharge the battery i would have to remove the whole case and Take back the battery and put it in a mobilephone to recharge again!. So i went to the tirur town next day where i might find some mobile spare parts. After alot of searching i finally got a recharge slot which is used to attach the charger pin into it to recharge the battery, and got home, after a few time spent in my work room i realized that i might need an spdt switch to ON/OFF the torch, i salvaged all the old PCBs and equipments i have got in my junk box and found the switch!. At the experiment corner again, i bored some tiny holes in the case which i already made for this project using a screw driver with a very tiny tip and made some more holes, one is a little bit large to move the switch forward and backward, using a sharp knife, and attached the switch,LED indicator,charging slot, and finally White LEDs on an another piece of sheet and placed it in the front, and screwed, i used some glue(glue stick) to cover all the components to avoid short circuit, and finally i tested all the components to see whether it’s ok or not, fortunately all is working well, the LED indicator used as a visual indicator to know the torch is in charging mode, because it glows only if the charger is connected, (i use a nokia mobile charger for charging) i got all them screwed into the sheet and finally the worlds first homemade tiny torch’s work has done!!.

It was worth giving a try because the torch’s battery will last about 3 months after a one time charging!. The only disadvantage is that there is not any circuit included inside the torch to know the battery is fully charged. So i recharge the battery only for 1 hour everytime. It’s not a disadvantage though as the torch is the slimmest one ever made and no one know that there is a torch inside your pocket, after i built the torch i showed it to my friends (i was a bit of shy about what would they say of my tiny torch!) they were like WTH! and some of them asked me to build one for them too. So i realized how useful this is!. But it is a quite hard work eventhough it is worth using such a useful thing. The torch provides high brightness light.

torch glows.

torch equipmentsblock

a view from side

side view

total size

another view

slim view from side

if some sticker work is done the torch light will look like a factory made one! But i would like it to stay like a home made one.

what’s on your mind? please tell me whatever it is. Use the comment form below because it is for you to share your doubts and thoughts! lol.


About Ztronn

hellooo i'm lsid ,i am a DIY (do it yourself) stuff loving kinda guy, i mean i love to build things and posting it on my blogs for the world to see. i love reading about technology and innovation. i love the nature,mysteries of space and of course God. no aliens. kindly let me know what you think about my simple innovations in the comments.
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8 Responses to Home made LED torch

  1. LoneZid says:

    Anything u want from me,I’m here

  2. Michael says:

    You did the best thing and i think you’re divinely blessed to be such a creative guy. Keep it up dear…… And I’ll love to learn from you.

  3. dg4666 says:

    lol some guys and gals mailed me saying “don’t you have money to buy a standard torch?

    hey they dont know own made torch is more costly than market torch.

  4. loneziddik says:

    lol some guys and gals mailed me saying “don’t you have money to buy a standard torch?“, funny! Isn’t it? Yes i have, but building my own torch and using it is rather gud than it (i think) lol. And also i have a standard sanford torch, But i am in love with my tiny torch that i made. ): :p welcome to DIY(Do it yourself) world!

  5. loneziddik says:

    thank you for your comment,but its the best i eva made, now i can forget buying those junk torches for a while

  6. gulrot says:

    Okay post, but not the best Ive seen exactly. You should step it up or carrot will eat your position.

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