TDA2030A HI-FI Amplifier

TDA2030A HI-FI amplifier

The TDA2030A is a monolithic
IC in a Pentawatt package
intended for use as a low-
frequency class-AB amplifier.
With V S max= 44 V it is particularly suited for more
reliable applications without
regulated supply and for 35 W
driver circuits using low-cost
complementary pairs.
The TDA2030A provides high output current and has very
low harmonic and crossover
distortion. The device
incorporates a short-circuit
protection system comprising
an arrangement for automatically limiting the
dissipated power so as to
keep the operating point of
the output transistors within
their safe operating range. A
conventional thermal shutdown system is also

Schematic diagram 18W

Bridged version 35W
EDIT:Using this bridged version you can build a medium power subwoofer amplifier

Output power 18 W at V S= ±16 V / 4 Ω with 0.5%

High output current Very low harmonic and
crossover distortion Short-circuit protection and Thermal shutdown system.

i still use my old tda2030a ic based 5.1 amp at my home as it is enough for me and also there is a bridged tda2030a for the subwoofer


the circuits needs dual power supply

the max supply is 44V so never exceed this rating

i used 16V 5 Amperes powersupply to power my tda2030a amp

TDA2030A Datasheet


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