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2X18W Stereo Amplifier

2X18W/12V AMPLIFIER the TA8215H is a Medium power two channel (Stereo) audio amplifier designed for car stereos by TOSHIBA™., it has output power of 2x18W(enough to rock your house!) into 4 ohm load with Advertisements

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Infrared remote control tester

INFRARED REMOTE CONTROL TESTER This circuit can be used to test any kinds of infrared remote controllers! It is simple and cheap and the circuit needs only 3V power to operate so 2×1.5V

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12V inverter battery charger

12V INVERTER BATTERY CHARGER the inverter battery charger posted here is simple and easy to build, use 10W(10watts) resistors for R1 and R2. R1 and R2 is used to limit charging current, C1 is an electrolytic capacitor and is used … Continue reading

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What is a transformer?

TRANSFORMERS A transformer also known as eliminator is a device that converts or Steps down[also steps up] a high voltage (eg.230V,120v) AC to a safe voltage like 12V,6V,3V etc,

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Smart cooling fan

This is an easy to build and smart cooling fan circuit, the smart means that this fan will start automatically when the temperature rises above a limited level, so to function this circuit properly place the NTC (thermister) near a … Continue reading

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Delaying relay to block pop noise of your amplifier

“Thump” or pop noise will be an annoyance when you turn your amplifier on/off, you can’t do anything good to remove the pop yourself like modify circuits..etc.

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